Swing Tray Ovens

Bake Tech. Swing tray oven suitable for baking of all kinds of bakery products such as Bread, Toast. 
By Using Sub Standard process at the time of manufacturing our swing tray oven gives trouble free performance, well baked products with less fuel consumption.


  • Equipped with a high-pressure diesel burner automatically controlled by a digital temperature controller and timer.
  • Scientifically built to ensure even spread of heat across the oven for proper cooking.
  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • Higher capacity yeast saving.
  • Good outcome in texture and crumb color of the final product
  • Production Capacity : 15000 Loaves to 50000 Loaves of 400 g. per shift


  • BTST 15 trays
  • BTST 30 trays
  • BTST 40 trays
  • BTST 50 trays
  • BTST 60 trays